Highway peg pics

Larry Zoia phezanthawk at wowway.com
Sat Jun 16 18:31:38 PDT 2007

Dave says:

>I think they look good with the fairings off. I was expecting to see 
>pictures of the pegs sticking out through the fairings, which to be honest, 
>made me laugh. ;-)

I'm sure you weren't the only one laughing, which I'm
sure is why Richard ended up with this setup.

> PS. Larry, weren't you the one who came down to my house in IL and bought 
> my first GPZ for someone else on the list more than a few years ago?

Well....I sort of bought it by accident after having a few
cocktails as I already had a pristine '96.  eBay and
alcohol don't mix.  It was bought by a CA lister who
flew out to Michigan in the dead of winter to ride it
back across the country. I ended up towing him half
a day south down I-75 where the weather was bearable with an electric vest.

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