2. European GPZ-Meeting / Maastricht 2007

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Sun Jun 17 09:47:21 PDT 2007

I really liked Maastricht while visiting my brother in Amsterdam , what a cool city Ghent in Belgium was good as well. wish I was there !!!! 

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> While our US list members have been heading off for Fandango, a 
> couple of the European list members have been participating in a 
> European GPZ meeting in Maastricht, the Netherlands the 25 - 28 of 
> May, 2007.
> Our Dutch list member, Wouter, who is also a member of a German GPZ 
> 1100 Forum, arranged this year's Meeting for members of this forum. 
> 11 GPZ 1100's, 3 Yamaha GTS 1000 and a ZZR 600 with a total of 
> approximately 22 riders and backseat passengers participated (the 
> number varied a little bit during the meeting because some arrived 
> late and others had to leave early). The meeting took place at a 
> small biker hotel, "La Chaussée" in the village of Sibbe, 
> approximately 10 km (6 miles) east of Maastricht, the Netherlands. 
> Some participants stayed at this hotel, others at other hotels 
> nearby or at the local camp site. La Chaussée proved to be an 
> excellent basis with good facilities, good food and plenty of good 
> Dutch beer!
> The participants met at the afternoon of Friday the 25th of May, 
> some after having covered a considerable distance from the south of 
> German near Austria or from Denmark (700 km - 435 miles). La 
> Chaussée hosted a good dinner and plenty of beer at reasonable 
> prizes. Most participants were from Germany, a few from the 
> Netherlands and two from Denmark. Language was not a problem; 
> especially not late at night where everybody basically spoke the 
> same language... ;-)
> On Saturday the 26th of May Wouter headed the 15 bikes on a 200 km 
> (124 miles) tour. Lots of curvy and challenging roads in the 
> beautiful parts of southern Netherlands / eastern Belgium. Among 
> other we visited an abandoned coal mine in Belgium. Some of the 
> riders had years of experience holding a group of motorcycles 
> together by making blockades at road crossings, roundabouts etc. 
> They took turns in stopping other traffic, join up again, 
> accelerate up front, block traffic again etc. Not entirely legal in 
> all countries, but very, very effective and very well carried out. 
> Not once during the two days of tour did the group get separated. 
> In the evening La Chaussée hosted a barbecue in the garden. The 
> colored lights in the party tent were mixed with lots of white 
> flashes due to thunderstorm and the music sometimes drowned in the 
> noise from heavy rain showers hammering on the tent roof, but food 
> was excellent and there were generous amounts of beer...
> On Sunday the 27th of May Wouter again headed the bikes on a 250 km 
> (155 miles) tour in southern Netherlands, eastern Belgium and a 
> very beautiful part of Germany known as Eiffel. Among other we made 
> a stop at the "Dreiländerpunkt" - the point where the borders of 
> the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet. The funny thing is that 
> when you ride on small country roads in this area you may actually 
> cross a border without noticing it. Only different license plates 
> on the cars and slightly different road signs indicate that you may 
> have crossed a border. In the evening the farewell dinner was held 
> at a Chinese restaurant in Valkenburg.
> On Monday the 28th of May some made a stop at Wouter's house for a 
> last cup of coffee before heading off for home. Comments on the 
> forum and hundreds of pictures indicate that this was a very 
> successful meeting, and we're all looking forward to seeing each 
> other next year, probably somewhere in Germany.
> There are a few pictures from the meeting here:
> http://www.pedmail.dk/Kavalkade/album/
> Ped
> '96 "Black Stealth" GPZ
> Denmark


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