Remus exhausts

Rickard Olsson richie at
Mon Jun 18 01:19:28 PDT 2007

Anyone on list have any experience with Remus exahusts?

I'm /finally/ ready to go 4-1 but it seems difficult to find any of the 
usual suspects (V&H, Muzzy or my first choice, Micron) in Sweden 
anymore. Most of the distributors have gone to importing slip-on and 
cruiser systems only.

Remus OTOH, has two ranges of full exhausts for the GPZ, the Innovation 
(non-repackable) and Grand Prix (re-packable) with options for 
aluminium, carbon or titanium in both 54 and 76mm header sizes. I'm 
considering either of the Alu or Ti 76 mm EEC-approved systems with a 
small current bias towards the Innovation Ti EEC 76mm (in no small part 
due to it lacking that big-ass logo the GP Ti system has).

Any insights or comments you may have is useful.

     / Richie

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