bar risers and tires

Bill Magitz corbie at
Sun Jun 24 12:38:24 PDT 2007

1st. -> well it's time to replace the rear tire but I got a whooping 12k miles on the rear and 10k on the front but I couldn't find a Michelin Macadam 90x set to replace the tires I had on , what with that kinda mileage why not. So I put an IRC SP11 on the front in May and will get another for the rear this week , seem like good tires but will know more with a new matching set.

2nd.-> I've seen some postings on bar risers and thought I'd chime in . I have Buehrle Bar Risers on mine and not only is it a quality product but it really makes for a more comfortable ride. 

well it's Sunday afternoon , my riding is done for the day and my son and I are off to the park to hunt for snakes , frogs, turtles etc etc.

ciao4now Bill M

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