Rider down at Durango

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Mon Jun 25 06:29:59 PDT 2007

I'm sorry to hear about the crash, it happens though.  Although I couldn't
attend this year.  Yesterday we rode through Evergreen, Idaho Springs, and
up to Granby and back to Boulder as a mini-Durango run.  I hope to make it
on the Durango route myself later this summer.  I also figured out that my
GPZ is not all that stable with a passenger on it in 180 degree 20mph turns
when you're trying to do it at closer to 40-ish.  No crash but wobbled a
lot.  Guess my mind was still in CBR600RR mode....

Heal well and remember.....

Bones Heal
Pain is Temporary
Chicks dig scars
Glory is Forever


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scapco at ecentral.com wrote:

> It's rideable and will be back on the road eventually.

> He should eventually make a full recovery, but he will be a hurting 
> unit for a while.

Good news, both.

> Our best wishes to him for a quick and full recovery.


Anything I can do to help, let me know.

     / Richie

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