Home from Fandango

gpzer at copper.net gpzer at copper.net
Tue Jun 26 21:33:01 PDT 2007

   Made it home this morning.
   Only got stopped once on the way home (78 in a 65) but he let me go with no
   If he had seen me 5 min earlier he would have taken my bike away   ; )

   Rode home through Wyoming.
   Stopped in Rawlins at around 7 PM. Girl at the gas station said it was only
   90 min to Rock Springs. So I figured I could go that much further.
   Got to Rock Springs, no hotels or motels anywhere. Continued 15 min West to
   Green River, No rooms. Ended up in Evanston at around midnight and finally
   found a room.  585 miles total for Monday. Only 75 more miles to my house,
   but I just couldn't do it. Too cold and tired.

   Fandango was great! Glad to finally meet some more listers.
   Great roads
   Fun times

   Speedy recoveries to those who had mishaps.


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