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Thu Jun 28 05:28:15 PDT 2007

With the financial pressures of my divorce and the criminal Canadian bike insurance premiums, I reluctantly took my bike down to a local dealer and placed it on consignment last night.
He is a Honda dealer but has a great reputation and he took out his black book to establish a value. The trade-in value was 2000$ and retail was 2700$. It just never ceases to amaze me how so much bike can be worth so little. He pointed to a Zx9 that has been on the floor for 18 months and explained how the entire used Sprot bike market has collapsed due in part to the insurance rates.
I have stripped the bike of the LSL, vista cruiser and grip heater setup as well as the Corbin saddle(c/w backrest).The factory bag setup is also coming off as I don't think it will add anything to the bike's value. The bike has a stage III setup with Jardine header, new tires, chain and sprockets so if I add those upgrades somebody will essentially be getting the bike for a little over 1000$ if I get 2500$ for it. It has 52,000 kms but the oil has been changed obsessively usually at 3000 kms.I can help deliver the bike if anybody knows an interested party.
I will offer the stripped accessories up on the list when(if) the bike sells.
Next year I hope to pickup a 1000 Strom as the insurance will be 1/3 less.

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