Chuck Driscoll Update

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Thu Jun 28 11:30:02 PDT 2007

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, wishes, visits, and help. Got home last night. Perrcoset, good....
The hospital staff was great, a little snafu a checkout, but great care.
Bike will be shipped to Helena no prob. Can't type  much, clavicle you know.
Wanta say thanks, you guys are great. Schwartes and Scaps and Peter and Northup, and just all of you.
I will post more when I can type better.
Black Gypsy

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Send all good thoughts/prayers intended for me to Chuck... I'll be
fine. :) What I experienced is a veritable slap on the wrist (er...
shoulder) from the moto-gods. I consider it a fair tradeoff for 20
years of pain-free, beautiful motorcycling miles. Here's hoping we all
get through at least the next 20 without incident. :D

On 6/26/07, scapco at <scapco at> wrote:

> Lets keep him and Utah Jeff in our thoughts for a fast and
> complete recovery.
Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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