DTs after getting off the GPz.

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Fri Jun 29 08:07:10 PDT 2007

Kawasaki uses a letter to denominate the model (ZX1100-C, 
ZX1100-D, ZX1100-E, etc...) and a number to designate the 
year.  E1 = 1995, E2 = 1996.  My KX250 is a 1999 KJX250-L1, 
the 2000 is a KX250-L2, the 2001 is a KX250-L3, and the 
2002 is a KX250-L4.  They completely revamped the bike in 
2003 so the 2003 KX250 is a KX250-M1.

HTH and isn't more confusing.

Charles S.

>Dumb question, but what is the differences from the E1 and 
> David Beard <davidebeard at comcast.net> wrote: 
> Click on this link and scroll all the way to the bottom 
of the page.
> http://www.kawasaki.com/DefaultFrame.aspx?
strContentURL=/SITE/PCPRODUCT> CATALOG/PCProductTypes.asp?
> Dave B
> >
> > 

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