Grabby Clutch (NGPZC)

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Wed Mar 7 08:17:34 PST 2007

Try running some Gunk Engine Flush through the bike.............just kidding. Please don't!

scapco at wrote:  My daughters Yamaha TTR-125 has a grabby clutch. When 
you're releasing the clutch it doesn't engage smoothly, but 
grabs rather quickly causing her to stall the bike too 
often. This also makes it harder to slip the clutch when 
you need to. The bike is a 2006, bought new and it has 
very low miles/hours on it.

Funny, but I've never had a bike with a grabby clutch 
before in nearly 40 years of riding. I'm open to trying 
different oils, replacing the clutch, etc... I just need to 
get it working better. Any suggestions?

Charles S. - In Sunny Denver

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