swingarm installation

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Sun Mar 11 08:27:21 PDT 2007

Congratulations, Grasshopper. It's a beautiful day here today and I'm 
going for a ride. Got the bike back together and it's begging to be 
ridden, so I'll be thinking of you while I'm out on the backroads today. 
Get that motor hooked up and running, bro!

Dave B

Dave Daniels wrote:
> I figured it out. Everybody say it with me, "Duuuuuuuhhhhhhh"! As I was standing there staring at it, I looked over at the rear wheel laying on the floor and, low and behold, there was another spacer laying on one of the wheel spokes. What do you know, it's 1/2" long. The one I was trying to put in there is the same size, except longer, and it goes in the rear wheel on the right side between the wheel bearing and the brake caliper. So, the swingarm is now on as well as the rear fender, rear wheel and even the "new" motor. I can't think of anything I've ever tried to do before that was a difficult as putting that motor in there.....by myself. Almost dropped it about three times trying to balance it on the floor jack. My forearms are all bruised up from holding it and bracing it. I almost look like kwychang Kane with the dragons on my forearms, only they're not dragons....just bruises. But, it's in there baby. I was going to wait on the motor till later because I was pretty
>  tired, but Dave Beard had to start his bike and let me hear it running over the phone. Thanks Bud. At least it's starting to look like a motorcycle again. I'm figuring on having it running by next weekend, maybe sooner. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for me that this motor runs, and runs ok.
>   Dave D

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