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Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sun Mar 11 12:07:02 PDT 2007

I talked to a dealer yesterday who said it has been delayed again and 
will not be released until very late summer or early fall.  I wonder if 
they're having problems with heat or the shaft drive.

Charles S. - Out riding my GPZ today

Rob Schwartz wrote:
> So I attended the Montreal Motorcycle show this past month and, among other
> tasty things, got a first hand look at the new C14!
> First impressions:
> 1. Looks great!  Great lines in general with a couple minor issues: the
> HUUGE exhaust canister - becoming all too common nowadays; it looks quite
> large from the front, though I'm sure it will provide execellent protection
> from the elements.
> 2. Sits very similar to how I remeber the GPS with GenMar risers.  It's
> quite comfortable though the reach to the bars is a little long over that
> stretched out gastank.  Again, a lot like how I rememeber my '95.
> 3. Nice hard bags!  They were quite large and looked VERY nice though I was
> unable to play with them (none of the saddlebags were operable on any of the
> bikes there! >:-|)
> 4. Ample passenger accommodations.  It's no Hondapottamus, mind you, but
> it's roomy enough.
> So yeah, I liked it.  I prefer the rider ergos on the FJR still, but that's
> just me.  I look forward to taking a ride (on both!) someday.  Maybe I'll
> get down to Americade for some test rides (the Connie won't be there, I'm
> sure, but the FJR, ST13 and others might make it worth the hassle).
> Is the new "Connie" ready for another 20+ years in the showroom?  I
> certainly hope not.  I'd like to see it enter a normal 4-5 year product
> cycle where we'll see regular improvements and updates to technology,
> functionality and style to keep it on the competitive cutting edge of the
> 2-up ST market.
> -Rob
> .

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