Concourse 14

Rob Schwartz coldinvt at
Sun Mar 11 19:56:54 PDT 2007

In Mama Kaw's defense, the US market is historically VERY intolerant of
first model-year "glitches."  The display model did look like a bit of a
"test mule" with some minor roughness around the edges and a little
compartment at the front of the tank that nobody could figure out how to
open...  Maybe they're just scared to let Americans play with something
that's not quite "right" yet.

Either way, it's still kinda' lame that you couldn't sit on it.


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> >>2. Sits very similar to how I remeber the GPS with GenMar risers.
> That's not fair!  How do the Canadians rate?  We didn't get to sit on it
> here in the states.  They had it up on a pedestal behind a rail 4 feet
> out of reach!  I too liked it but continued to be baffled at Mama Kaw's
> marketing approach.
> Art in DM
> Rob Schwartz wrote:
> > So I attended the Montreal Motorcycle show this past month and,
> among other
> > tasty things, got a first hand look at the new C14!
> >
> > First impressions:
> >
> >
> > 2. Sits very similar to how I remeber the GPS with GenMar risers.  It's
> > quite comfortable though the reach to the bars is a little long
> over that
> > stretched out gastank.  Again, a lot like how I rememeber my '95.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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