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Paul Landry p_landry at
Sun Mar 11 21:02:05 PDT 2007

We had a floor model at the Vancouver BC cycle show last month too..  Got to
climb all over and around it.
Have to admit, I was much more impressed by it in person than I was with its
photos in the magazines.  Even as a pre production example it was still very
good looking, 95%+ done.

The exhaust can is too big and over styled for my taste but that is nit
picking.  That and the only color available for the first year is the "grey"
tone on tone.  I found it very bland and did nothing to make the bike
attractive by my tastes.  Think the marketing guys missed the boat on that
one, where is the red one??  ;-)

Sitting on it I was amazed at how "small" it was compared to my impression
from the magazine photos.  I have the Genmars on my GPz and found the riding
position just a tad more relaxed both with the height of the bars and the
length of reach to them being a little shorter.  A better position for me.. 

Really looking forward to the magazine reviews and a chance to ride one.  I
don't really need 1400cc's but am sure it would be a lot of fun!..  Talking
to the sales guy on the floor the price was not yet confirmed but he was of
the impression it would be less than the FJR by a little more than $1k.  If
true that would be a big plus in its favor.

The other thing that puzzled me about the new 14 was the lack of fan fare
around it..  If you weren't looking you would have walked right past it and
never even known it was at the show.  Again, I wonder what is going on in
the marketing dept. at Kawasaki.??  May be another one of those best kept
secrets like our current GPz's!.

Paul W. Landry
p_landry at

From: Art Lischer [mailto:alisch80 at] 
Sent: March 11, 2007 6:11 PM

>>2. Sits very similar to how I remeber the GPS with GenMar risers.

That's not fair!  How do the Canadians rate?  We didn't get to sit on it
here in the states.  They had it up on a pedestal behind a rail 4 feet out
of reach!  I too liked it but continued to be baffled at Mama Kaw's
marketing approach.
Art in DM

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