Lucky Day

Dave Spaulding spauldingd at
Mon Mar 12 05:44:00 PDT 2007

> I'll have to watch a certain gauge for indicating things right for the
> next months.

Is this your way of saying you ran out of fuel?  8-)  I guess of all the 
"problems" to have, that is the best one.

The riding season has nearly started here in the midwest.  Many bikes were 
out yesterday as we reached 60 degrees for the first time.  Water and sand 
were everywhere so I've kept it parked for now but figure I will be getting 
it out very soon.

Dave in Des Moines

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Subject: Lucky Day

> 1) I managed to roll out of the tunnel
> 2) I managed to find a place way above the motorway
> 3) The sun came out after half an hour
> 4) Numerous cops rolled by without caring
> 5) After 1 hour, the automobiles' club repairman saved me
> 6) I'm a "Plus" member of the german automobile club and had to cash out
> 15 euros of which 50% were the tip for the guy mentioned in 5)
> Did I say it was the first day I took the bike to work?
> Alex

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