Concourse 14

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Mon Mar 12 12:55:22 PDT 2007

If what my local dealer told me is true about it being 
delayed until late summer/early fall, it will be almost a 
year after it was first shown to the dealers.  I would 
venture to guess they were hoping to hype it over the 
winter at these shows but something has gone wrong and the 
bike is having serious problems.  It would be problematic 
at best to hype something they can't deliver.  I'll bet 
their marketing dept jumped the gun and now they are rather 

Charles S.  Damn I like spring!

>By comparison Victory had TWO of their pre-production land 
>yacht pseudo Gold Wings available for full sit on 
>inspection at the Minneapolis show and there was a million 
>people around them.  How much good will and anticipation 
>do you think they created by doing that?
> Art in DM
>Rob Schwartz wrote:
>In Mama Kaw's defense, the US market is historically VERY 
>intolerant of first model-year "glitches."

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