First Rides

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Tue Mar 13 18:09:13 PDT 2007

Not much better than a Colorado spring except a Colorado summer.  I 
finally got my Koni installed Saturday and got out for a ride on Sunday. 
  Sure felt good.  Bike felt really good and I finally got to wind it 
out with the Muzzy exhaust on it.  Very nice.  :-)

I've had three different exhausts on the bike so far and here are my 

1. V&H SS2R - Best sound of all, very raspy (Aluminum oval canister). 
Decent build quality and excellent fit.  About stock power down low and 
pulled clean and strong to the rev limiter.  Very difficult to make work 
with US version of OEM luggage.  Maintains the centerstand.  Mine 
rattled (loose collector plate) until I was sucker punched from behind 
by a drunk on an Electraglide.

2. Micron - Very throaty sound (Oval carbon fiber canister).  Very 
solidly built, but not nearly as nice of fit as the V&H pipe. 
Noticeably stronger down low, but sign's off before the V&H does.  Works 
perfectly with US version of OEM luggage.  Maintains the centerstand. 
Happy with the exhaust until I was hit and run.  Notice a pattern 
here?????  LOL!!

3. Muzzy - Very throaty sound (Oval carbon fiber canister).  Very light 
construction, almost too light, but with a very good fit.  Power is the 
best of both other pipes, stronger than stock down low and pulls cleanly 
to the rev limiter.  The pipe exits out the left, with no "S" turn 
underneath which probably helps the power output.  Follows the same path 
as the stock left pipe so it works well with all the OEM luggage. 
Maintains the centerstand.  I'm trying to avoid act III with other motor 
vehicles.  ;-)

Charles S.

John Soliday wrote:
> The day in Colorado both Sunday and today was sex without the mess.  Had my
> GPZ out burned through all the old winter gas and now I need to pull those
> forks off and refill oil and put that fork brace on.  She shakes a bit with
> a passenger on the back under hard braking.  Had lunch at Oskar Blues
> today....
> John

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