Neutral Switch

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Wed Mar 14 16:22:56 PDT 2007

  Don, the neutral switch is a known leaker. The brass terminal comes loose 
in the surrounding potting/plastic.
It's a 2 minute job to replace. Just give the connector a a good tug to 
remove it from the terminal first, before replacing the switch.
 Dunno why it's saying check valve gasket on the Microfische though..

  Pete Staniforth

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> Subject: Weepy check-valve gasket? (take 2)
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> *Allright, time to try this again with a fresh perspective... also a test 
> of
> the image linking that the list does.*
> No, it's not sad, but it makes me a little...
> Take a look at the attachment (hopefully it shows...). My Geeper has
> been weeping oil from around this critter for quite a while, and it's
> time to fix it (too many cracks from Harley friends about 'marking
> territory'). Figure I might as well do it along with the pre-season
> oil change.
> Anyway... is there something special that makes this more than a
> regular gasket? Only rated for a certian pressure? Something? The
> neutral switch sender that plugs in there seems to be functional, so
> I'm thinking the gasket is just aged. I'm sure it's still stock, so it
> wouldn't suprise me if it finally gave up the ghost.
> Any insight? Seems pretty piddly, but it's one of those little nagging
> things that irks. And If I need something special that I can't source
> elsewhere than Mama Kaw, I don't want to tear it apart without parts
> in hand.
> Don in GJ
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