tonight may be the night

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Thu Mar 15 19:05:35 PDT 2007

Well, after some prompting, it did start, but barely ran. Never even got up to idle speed. It just kind of puttered. If I touched the gas, it died. If I moved the choke, it died. I guess I have some tweaking to do to the fuel delivery. Anybody else have any good ideas? The good thing is, I didn't hear any strange noises, no rattles or ticking at all. Nice and quiet. The bozos who replated my clutch cover for me, though, wiped out any threads that were in the holes on the inside of the cover that the silencer mounts to. My guess is they sandblasted them away. So, I had to drill all of them out and helicoil them. One of those "unforseen situations". But, it DID run a little, so I feel a little good about it.

David Beard <davidebeard at> wrote:  Wish I could be there for the big event. I've got 5 bucks that says 
she'll start up and run.

Dave B

Dave Daniels wrote:
> My clutch cover is done and looks pretty good. I'll be putting it back on tonight and filling with oil. Hopefully, unless some unforseen event takes place, I'll be hitting the start button this evening. I'm SO ready.

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