internal pressure?

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     The absence or presence of the KLEEN Air system has no bearing 
whatsoever on jetting. This passive system introduces air at the exhaust 
port, it does not add any additional air to the engine. Blocking off the 
reed valves is no problem because they have nothing to do with venting 
internal pressure to begin with. This vent is at the rear of the engine 
above the transmission with a hose that goes to the airbox if you are still 
using one. The reed valves in the KLEEN Air system act as one-way valves so 
when exhaust gasses pass by the opening in the exhaust port, it will draw 
some air with it. The reed valves keep exhaust reversion pulses from pushing 
exhaust gas back through the system. Sorry, but putting it back on was a lot 
of work for nothing.

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> Question for you gurus:
>  If the reed valves are closed off on the top of the engine, and the 
> vacuum switch and related hoses are removed, and the vacuum ports are 
> blocked off on the carbs, what does the engine do with the buildup of 
> internal pressure? Is this, or could this be detrimental? 

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