internal pressure?

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Sat Mar 17 16:15:03 PDT 2007

 I'm not understanding this,where is it connected to the exhaust port?
The diagram shows it connected to the airbox, inlet manifold, and rocker 
I thought it was acting similar to a PCV valve???

  Pete S

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> Dave,
>     The absence or presence of the KLEEN Air system has no bearing
> whatsoever on jetting. This passive system introduces air at the exhaust
> port, it does not add any additional air to the engine. Blocking off the
> reed valves is no problem because they have nothing to do with venting
> internal pressure to begin with. This vent is at the rear of the engine
> above the transmission with a hose that goes to the airbox if you are 
> still
> using one. The reed valves in the KLEEN Air system act as one-way valves 
> so
> when exhaust gasses pass by the opening in the exhaust port, it will draw
> some air with it. The reed valves keep exhaust reversion pulses from 
> pushing
> exhaust gas back through the system. Sorry, but putting it back on was a 
> lot
> of work for nothing.
> Steve in Western NY

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