almost over

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Sat Mar 17 19:03:14 PDT 2007

Well ladies and germs, the Dave Daniels saga is almost over. I decided to pull the carbs again and clean the jets up since it did sit for a couple months with old gas in there. So, I did, and when reinstalling the carbs, it came to my dopey attention that I hadn't pushed the carbs far enough into the intake boots the last time. What a maroon!!! So, this time they're pushed it as far as can possibly be, and the airbox boots are secured on the other side. Put the tank back on and hit the starter. Fired right up and took off with the choke on. But, when I took the choke off, it idled for a couple minutes, then would die. Couldn't keep a decent idle AND when I tried to turn the throttle, it bogged down and died. So, I decided to take the Kleen air system off and replace it with the blocked off plates from the old engine, and put the plugs back on the two outer carb vacuum ports. After all that, it seemed to run a little better, but still the throttle problem. So, I got on the
 phone with my mentor, Mr. Beard, and after brainstorming, it was decided that perhaps there wasn't enough gas in the tank. It was pretty low and I didn't have it on reserve. So, I got the lawn mower gas can out, which has old gas in it, but what the heck. So, I put about half a tank in and hit the starter took off like a banshee. Took the choke off and the rpms would not come down. Ooops, I forgot that I kept cranking the idle screw up before trying to keep it idling. So, I started backing that screw back down and got it down to 1000 rpm's. After warming up, the throttle responds good now and all seems to be working pretty dang good. Woooohhhhhooooooeeeeeee!!!! The engine sounds very good too. Nice and tight. No dings, ticks, rattles or kaboings. I even ran it through the gears on the center stand and the tranny sounds pretty good too. Now, I'll have to take it for a ride pretty soon and check out the clutch. And I think I'll throw out that Gunk too ;-).....I
 have ta tell ya, I'm as happy as a tornado in a trailor court right now! Thanks to all of you who have offered advice and suggestions, and especially to my best bud Dave Beard. Thanks bro!! (low on gas.....what a dork!)

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