Laser Jammers.

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     I guess you didn't assume the position Rob..
   CT, PA WV and NH for the near miss.
 The only turd was the guy in PA  - the same deal he was spitting and 
hissing before he even got over to us.
      Anyone in the market for a radar detector might wanna check here.
Long story short the V1 though best for laser, is not any longer the best 
for Radar. Bel and escort

        Laser Jammers according to Motor trend
"The best budget solution is the Bel 895 coupled with Laser Veil, a solution 
that will set you back about $300. If price is no object, the most effective 
detection/jamming is the Valentine One coupled with the Blinder X-treme 
M-40, at a cost of $1,150 installed. The better buy, according to Motor 
Trend, is the Bel Vector 995 and Laser Pro 905 (*est. $760 installed). "

    The Laser veil is passive and only delays the cop getting a reading, but 
gives you time to hit the binders once the Laser detector goes off. At least 
at some distances. They acknowledge on there web site that a competitors 
(Blinder X-treme M-40) works which is an active system and sends a return 
signal which confuses the laser gun. Very expensive and no info on whether 
it works on a bike (because bike does not remain vertical).
Most other systems don't work.  I read the rocky Mountain was crap.
 I would like to have seen the Myth busters and know what system they were 

   Pete S

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> Any of those 3 stops in Assatwoshitts?  Mine was.  A statie, with the 
> patton
> leather kneehighs and the liederhosen and the asshole hat...  There ain't 
> no
> reasoning with those bastards.  I've been pulled over many many times with
> no tix, but this guy didn't even give me a chance.
> -Rob
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>> Was that an active system or passive?
>> Rob time to buy a cruisah...I had 3 stops and warnings but no
>> tickets myself
>> last year.. + another close one, when a buddy who was leading was pulled
>> over, I kept going and waited up the road.. Phew...
>> Pete
>> >
>> > Pete,
>> >     I saw the same Mythbusters that Ralph did. They did some creative
>> > stuff
>> > to the car that you would never drive around with to see if they could
>> > defeat the laser or at least reduce the detection range. The
>> laser didn't
>> > even flinch. It was pretty impressive actually. They might have us this
>> > time.
>> >
>> > Steve in Western NY
>> > '96 GPZ1100

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