Slight GPZ accident

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Tue Mar 20 16:52:35 PDT 2007

They were supposed to call me today.  Went over there a little while ago on
the CBR as the lower fairing is off the GPZ.  Classic, “oh he just left and
we thought you would call us” response.  I took another picture of the same
huge hole and told them I’d show up tomorrow during his working hours.
Could get ugly.  I’d settle for enough to fix the broken bits on the bike, I
will heal but if they act like this, luckily one of my best biker friends is
a lawyer






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Now yer talkin'!

John Soliday wrote: 

I think a blue undergarage wouldn't go to well with the red bike, but hmmmm
I do like that blue color, maybe I can "find" a scratch or two on the upper
bodywork ;-)
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Good excuse for a paint job, John. I'm thinking blue...
Dave B
PS. Glad it wasn't worse.
John Soliday wrote:

Thanks, now my pristine bike isn’t a “virgin” anymore.  Has to happen
eventually, natural rule of law you know ;-)
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Glad that was all there was to it John. Could've been worse.
John Soliday  <mailto:johnsoliday at> <johnsoliday at> wrote: 
Yesterday I hit a HUGE f’ing pot hole in a gas station parking lot (hidden
by the way, just behind the ramping curb that heads into the lot) and
dropped my GPZ on my right leg. It scrapped up and dented the bottom of


exhaust and broke something in the lower fairing I can hear rattling


The hole was so big my foot went too low and that’s why it fell to that
side. You should see the bruise on my leg. If it weren’t for that the
damage on me the bike would have been much, much worse. I filled out an
accident report with the people inside and took pictures. They said I
should be getting a call today. We’ll see. I just want him to fill the
stupid hole and pay for any bike parts I need, but I’m taking pictures of


leg to get the point across.
Be careful out there,


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