Zero Gravity Seconds from Ebay.

Rickard Olsson richie at
Tue Mar 20 23:42:58 PDT 2007

Rob Feller wrote:

> Did they just put the wrong one in the bag or is there another style of
> GPZ1100 I did not know about?

Sounds like the wrong one in the bag.

Kawasaki made GPZs up until at least 1999, but AFAIK, only the 95 and 96 
models made it to the US. Europe got 97s as well and I have no reports 
of 98/99 sightings other than in Japan. Only difference between the 
models are the paint schemes (and associated top speed), ABS brakes, 
different carb tunings for different markets (73-129 BHP) and the 
Californian exhaust system.

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