Classic GPz for sale

Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Mon Mar 26 17:43:20 PDT 2007

I'd be interested except I already have this ZR-7S.  Hmmm.  Would he swap 
cams with me???  Nah, nevermind.  Someday cost and space will be no object, 
but for now, I must exercise restraint.

Please forward photos, Mike!

Paul in Ohio
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> Just passing on word of a 1982 GPz 750 R for sale.
> My boss has decided he would like a newer bike for the track and this 
> classic oldy has to go.
> Wish I had the cash to pick it up, but the missus says the Shadow has  to 
> go first (no third bike for me!) and no one has offered on it.
> So, I told him I'd pass word to see if anyone is interested.
> Can supply pics and what he's asking for it if there are any intersted.
> Michael in (FINALLY WARM!!!!!!) Holley, NY 

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