Responses to stupid questions?

J. Mason masonjs at
Fri Mar 30 14:52:44 PDT 2007

Batesville Arkansas temp 96° US  (36°C for the rest of us) this was one of
many on this junket.

You (y'al)  not hot in thet blek soot (Joe Rocket kevlar) asked buy "T"
shirt/shorts/flip flop clad rider on a generic V twin.
"Yes--but Id rather sweat than bleed."

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Subject: Responses to stupid questions?

> All,
> OK, it will soon be that time again...  time to get back on the road, and
> field those stupid questions from the non-riding public again!
> My least-favorite two:
> 1.  How fast will it go?
> (My standard response:  "Its top speed is limited only by the laws of
> physics.")
> 2.  How much did it cost?
> (My standard response:  "A couple of paychecks.")
> So, what are some of the questions you've experienced, and how do you
> respond?  Let's hear it...
> Bob

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