Listers Ebay Handles

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Tue May 1 09:03:22 PDT 2007

Here is a list I compiled a few years ago.  Please let me know and I 
will add or correct the entries and repost.  There may be some on here 
not active anymore but still helpful.

GPz Listers Ebay handles:


Steve Northrop                                 96gpz

Don Wilcox                                        Leanintree2003

Michael in Batavia                              blkbear

Dave Morgan                                     fixxxer31

Bill Denton                                        bdento59

Ralph Angelo                                      dominatr37

Dave Spaulding                                  spauldingd

Rickard Olsson                                  btg308

Paul Heim                                          SuprHtr

Chris H                                             chillywilly5280

James Cherolis                                  fergit-hell

Brian Igo                                           baldheadeddork

Charles Scappaticci                            Scapco

Micheal in SW IA                               ssgtfrudiker

Rob Hamalainen                                         GPZ1100RTH

Karl Lesch                                         krlesch

Julian S                                            zx11000e1

Art Lischer                                        alisch80

Mike Barnhill                                     nova1194

Utah Jeff                                         woogies!

Matt Hanger                                     mcspam1

Bill Magitz                                         da-corbster

Andy Burkard                                    abgpz

Tom Wheeler                                     the74impala

Mark Thompson                                 mthomp711962

Chuck Driscol                                    cdriscol2001









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