balancing carbs

J. Mason masonjs at
Tue May 1 11:17:03 PDT 2007

I just kept a tank off a long dead lawnboy mower.  You can even
tywrap/bungee cord or duct tape it to the frame and ride the bike if
nesses--it was this way my Triumph--I just had to ride it when it was 95%
complete --the tank was at the paint shop.  The police were interested in
this set up and the 1970 plate , since it was 2003.  I got a stern warning
and a "Nice Bike!!!  The same cop showed up in the driveway about a week
later to check it out with the tank on it.  He still wanted me to get a new
My first official day of retirement.  I'm just home from a 350 km trip
picking up a stackable washer & dryer for the cottage.  I guess now I'll
have to deliver it and later this month connect it.


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