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Dave King oldfr8dog at
Tue May 1 19:21:10 PDT 2007

Dave King...oldfr8dog

Art Lischer <alisch80 at> wrote:  Here is a list I compiled a few years ago. Please let me know and I 
will add or correct the entries and repost. There may be some on here 
not active anymore but still helpful.

GPz Listers Ebay handles:

Steve Northrop 96gpz

Don Wilcox Leanintree2003

Michael in Batavia blkbear

Dave Morgan fixxxer31

Bill Denton bdento59

Ralph Angelo dominatr37

Dave Spaulding spauldingd

Rickard Olsson btg308

Paul Heim SuprHtr

Chris H chillywilly5280

James Cherolis fergit-hell

Brian Igo baldheadeddork

Charles Scappaticci Scapco

Micheal in SW IA ssgtfrudiker

Rob Hamalainen GPZ1100RTH

Karl Lesch krlesch

Julian S zx11000e1

Art Lischer alisch80

Mike Barnhill nova1194

Utah Jeff woogies!

Matt Hanger mcspam1

Bill Magitz da-corbster

Andy Burkard abgpz

Tom Wheeler the74impala

Mark Thompson mthomp711962

Chuck Driscol cdriscol2001

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