Settlement from pothole accident.

JOHN SOLIDAY johnsoliday at
Fri May 4 12:13:19 PDT 2007

As some of you may recall, I nearly dropped my GPZ in a massively pot holed filled gravel parking lot of the local quickie mart.  Needless to say the parking lot was a total disaster and I badly bruised my right leg/arm and broke my right toe nail straight down the middle keeping the side body panels from hitting the ground (save the bike the body will heal, right?).  Well the adjuster was a really nice guy and took pictures of the bottom body panels and exhaust which actually hit the ground hard enough to bend the bottom collector and crack the bottom of one body panel.  I also sent them pictures of my battered old body just in case.

Guess what?  They said the estimate for the repairs was $1900 and offered me $2000.  Bonus time baby!  Sometimes things work out.


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