UPDATE Speedometer

Julian Solomensky jsolo at solo-tek.com
Fri May 4 12:16:16 PDT 2007

Got the new speedo installed (this from from a zx11 of similar vintage).  This thing read up to 200.

Fit the cluster like a glove.  Couldn't quite figure out what's broken in the old one, but the part that dampens/weighs the needle down appears to be all chewed up.  Also, it doesn't return to 0. There's spring inside for this and its likely the spring is shot too.

Things get interesting from here.

It looks like the thing reads about 5 mph too fast.  I haven't determined yet if its just the speedo (since the face is calibrated differently) or the odo too.  That will come this weekend when I go on a long ride.

Maybe some of you folks that are running similar gearing can help.  I've got the stock sprocket on the front, and 47 tooth on the rear.

At 60 mph, i'm reading about 3500 rpm.  At 70 mph, I want to say its about 4K rpm, but I'm not sure.  This weekend I'll take a better look at the different speeds vs rpms.

For those that have the same gearing as me, any of you have a chart of top gear speeds vs rpm?

First gear at 3K it's showing about 20 mph which seems high, 2nd gear at 3K is 30 mph.

I'll have some more #'s in a few days after I've ridden the bike some.

1-----------3000----------20 mph
2-----------3000----------30 mph
6-----------3500----------60 mph
6-----------4000----------70 mph (questionable).

I guess if the speedo or the odo is screwed up some, I'm not too worried.  At least it's reading fast, so I'm less likely to get a ticket.  Same with the odo, although that would affect my mpg calculations.  Wonder how I would even computer the error factor?


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