Pirelli Diablo Strada tires Mileage

Buehrle, Michael Michael.Buehrle at ottawa.ca
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There's a lister in Cobden, Ontario that will take that tire off your hands. He thinks the tire is just starting to get scrubbed in nicely when the cords are flapping like that...

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Wow.  You do lots of burn outs or heavy take off's from a stop?

If I were to draw a vertical line from the zigzag tread in the middle of the tire on each side, I'd say I have about .5 - .75" distance between those two lines.

In your pic, looks like you got a good inch or 1.25" or more gap between 

The zig zag thing I'm referring to is U rotated 90 deg to the right with the ` sticking out of it.  (sorry, i hard time describing something visual).

Friday, May 4, 2007, 12:51:21 PM, 1KPerDay wrote:

> I got 5K miles to the cords on mine. Me no likee.
> http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a206/1KPerDay/Schofield-Torrey%20ride%20May%2006/May2006021.jpg

> Be careful once the centermost wear bar is gone (there are three, not
> two)... the tire may look like it has mileage left but it goes fast
> when it goes.

> I'll stick with Michelin, thanks. :)

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