Sore Butt

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Sat May 5 04:10:02 PDT 2007

The corbie seems to be made for bigger guys.  I just put a
corbie on an it has less padding than the stock one,- at least
for my sorry boney ass! I slide all around the saddle.

Hey, who's the one we make fun of with the sheep skin?

Stephen Hampson <shampson at> wrote: I have'nt really done more than 100 miles in any one session on the Gpz. I
changed the stock bars for LSL type risers a couple of weeks ago and
yesterday I did a 350 mile trip. Well after 80 miles my seat became very
uncomfortable, now is it my soft butt or is the stock seat not very good
with risers. Obviously more of, if not all my weight is on my butt now and
the pain seemed to come from the edges of the seat.


Anyone else had the problem? Was it cured with a corbin or sergeant seat? 

I don't seam to recall the problem with the stock bars but that could of the
pain in my wrists taking my mind of it.



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