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Same here. Lemon pledge and Simple Green. Kind of a nice alpine citrus aroma into the deal too.
Black Gypsy

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Buy yourself a can of Lemon Pledge for your plastics.  You will be amazed 
how nice it looks.  I know riders that carry a can in their saddlebags to 
use on long trips to keep the bug collection to a minimum.  Seriously, Lemon 
Pledge for the plastic and Simple Green for everything else are the only two 
things I use.

Dave in Des Moines

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> GPz Riders,
> Eventually I'll stop asking so many questions and start answering some. I 
> guess that's just the way it is with a new GPz owner, especially since 
> it's my first motorcycle as well. My latest question:
> Does anyone use polish on their plastics and/or tank? I know the manual 
> says to only use wax, which is non abrasive, but it seems to me that wax 
> won't remove the years worth of gunk that builds up on the bike's 
> surfaces. I think a mild polish would really make my bike look good, but I 
> thought I'd pose the question here before trying.
> thanks,
> -Jeff
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