does this make me a Bad Person?

Bob Sims bob.sims at
Thu May 10 13:52:41 PDT 2007

> I hope your wife is paying attention to how you're treating a 
> dear and trusted friend at the first signs of high mileage. 

I'm coming out of the closet.  The rumors are true, I am indeed a Bad
Person.  I wanted you to be the first to know:

All I can say is that it is a fantastic motorcycle that is very fun to ride.
Two years ago, I thought that I would _never_ own the make, and I certainly
never thought I would own anything with that engine.  :-)  However, the bike
defies many (most?) of my pre-conceived notions, and it seems a generation
ahead of the crowd in both design and finish.

Note that I reserve the right to continue bashing the Bar-and-Shield

How could something that feels so good possibly be wrong?

Ducking and running,


PS.  GPZ content... anyone want to buy a well-worn '95, already located in
beautiful southern Germany?  :-)

Stuttgart, Germany

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