does this make me a Bad Person?

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John, I'm an ME........

JOHN SOLIDAY <johnsoliday at> wrote:  Say it ain't so !!!!! Actually I personally know/worked with Eric Buell in Milwaukee, he's a very bright M.E. (but I'm an EE so by definition there are no bright M.E's, I have ridden and have buddies with Buell's and they ARE getting better. The main problem with them has been the engine cannot keep up with the frame and so they crater engines on a regular basis, makes sense IMHO. I've also ridden the Street Rod which has a lot of input from Eric's boy's up in Mukwonago, WI. It's a fine machine but I can't get past paying $20K for something that my Honda 600RR will eat for lunch up in the canyons.

My $0.02/worth,

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> I hope your wife is paying attention to how you're treating a 
> dear and trusted friend at the first signs of high mileage. 

I'm coming out of the closet. The rumors are true, I am indeed a Bad
Person. I wanted you to be the first to know:

All I can say is that it is a fantastic motorcycle that is very fun to ride.
Two years ago, I thought that I would _never_ own the make, and I certainly
never thought I would own anything with that engine. :-) However, the bike
defies many (most?) of my pre-conceived notions, and it seems a generation
ahead of the crowd in both design and finish.

Note that I reserve the right to continue bashing the Bar-and-Shield

How could something that feels so good possibly be wrong?

Ducking and running,


PS. GPZ content... anyone want to buy a well-worn '95, already located in
beautiful southern Germany? :-)

Stuttgart, Germany

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