does this make me a Bad Person?

bob.sims at bob.sims at
Fri May 11 00:42:39 PDT 2007

> definition there are no bright M.E's,   I have ridden and have 
> buddies with Buell's and they ARE getting better.  

Well, I think they've already gotten better, especially the XBs.  Don't take my word for it -- take a test ride on one (it's easy to do, unlike most other manufacturers!).  IMHO, the Buell XB quality and fit-and-finish has more in common with the froo-froo handmade Italian makes than it does with, say, Japanese makes (or the GPZ, for that matter).

> The main 
> problem with them has been the engine cannot keep up with the 
> frame and so they crater engines on a regular basis

OK, you're trying to turn me into apostle sooner than I'd like!  I don't think there's evidence of Buells (again, especially XBs) arbitrarily destroying engines any more than say, evidence of GPZ/ZRX/ZX11s doing the same.  The Thunderstorm V-Twin engine is extremely reliable under a normal range of conditions, and when it does fail (for whatever reason), it is _many_ times cheaper to rebuild than most -- even when done by the friendly authorized dealership.


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