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>>It's a weird filter size and they didn't make a lot of them so you have to pony up at the dealer.

Or convert to pods.

 From the wiki:
What do I need to do to remove the air filter box and use individual pod 
filters instead?

You will have to remove your air box, install a K &N crankcase breather 
filter on top of the transmission, plug the reed valves on top of the
valvecovers and go up to the #38s on the pilot jets, and maybe one size 
on the main jet.

-Mike in Colorado

The K&N number is RC0984 for a set of 4 individual filters.
At Parts411, I think you have to order (4) RC0981. Even with their high 
shipping, they're $25 cheaper than anywhere else. The jet kit is a 
FactoryPro 3.0. I use the #138 mains, #38 pilot jets (you'll have to buy 
these, don't come in the jet kit www.carbparts.com ), clip in second 
groove from the top, pilot screws out 2 turns from lightly bottomed. On 
the needle, you'll have to add a washer and another clip above the one 
in the second groove to keep the needle from moving around under the 
white plastic hood. This seems to be a tried and true universal baseline 
set-up for the 1100 Kaw with exhaust and pods. Personally, I'd save the 
money on the exhaust gas analyzer. As for the rain question, I think 
it's more "urban legend" than anything else. I had pods on my last 
Suzuki and rode in the rain no problem. I've ridden in the rain with 
these as well with no problems. Your legs and knees cover them for the 
most part while moving. One thing to be aware of though is if you park 
it in the rain, they will definitely get wet. I use 2 hotel shower caps 
to cover the filters if it might rain while parked.

- Steve in Western NY

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