Chain/sprocket info needed again...

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Fri May 18 09:44:05 PDT 2007

<<I know that's what they -say.- Others I've talked to say they get
about 20K out of a chain no matter what they do. I was just wondering
since the main point of chain wear doesn't seem to be the actual point
of contact with the sprockets, but the bushings. The internal lube
eventually wears out, the bushings go, the chain stretches, it's done.
The sprockets.... I doubt a person could tell the difference between
my rear sprocket and a 0-miles one, if I repainted it.>>

If you believe that you're only fooling yourself and that will result in the 
new chain wearing out twice as fast as it could have. My GPZ's first chain 
and sprocket set lasted about 38K miles before it started to stretch and 
clunk.I replaced all three components at that time. Now at 48K all is still 
well. If you replace only the chain, you're going to get far less mileage 
out of the new chain with old sprockets, and it's going to end oup costing 
you more in the long run.

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