notes fro the Ottawa Valley

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Mon May 21 18:02:45 PDT 2007

I gave ol' Ruby an oil change today.  Checked the valves last week.  That
was a waste of time--should have checked my log as it had only been 5700 km
since I'd done it--all were ok.  I've got a rim leak on the front tire so
I'll have to change that out and maybe be check the steering head bearings
when I have the front wheel off.  I've been retired exactly 3 weeks and I
still trying to figure out how I had the time to go to work.  But in that
time my mother in law died my son got married and I had to open 2 cottages
up and get them ready for the season.
I'm at one of the cottages now hence the Marilyn Manson as we use my wife's
laptop here.
The kids came up on the weekend and did an informal raft (run what you
brung) down the Bonnechere River.  They flipped their raft , young lad lost
his wedding ring (hadn't had it 2 weeks) being a good dad I gave him mine,
they lost a lot of other shit, radio, ID, beer, coolers.  Pretty much a
normal run. I made out ok I got an excellent 10' x 10' raft and an 8' picnic
table.  Gotta go I've got a squirrel somewhere inside this place and I'll
have to clip him before he scares the shit out of Marilyn.


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