Fandango gloves

George McCaul gmccaul at
Tue May 22 10:23:17 PDT 2007

To all the Fandango riders,

I just sent a package to Charles that contains three sets of  
motorcycle gloves. Charles can distribute them as he sees fit for  
free to participating Fandango riders. The glove are slightly used.  
Long story short, it's very difficult for me to find gloves that fit,  
so I end up buying a pair and trying them out to find that my rather  
long fingers jam the end of the gloves. Seems my hand size is Large  
but my finger size is XL (extra long).

There is a pair of fabric Tourmaster cold weather gloves...very, very  
warm - good for those cold days riding in the mountains. The next  
pair are Joe Rocket water proof with very light lining... fabric  
gloves for cool weather to slightly warm temps. The third pair are  
the only ones that look a little used, I think they were HeinGericke.  
These are leather and have vents on top of the fingers. All around  
and warm weather gloves. All gloves are size large.

I thought, well they are just sitting in the closet waiting for  
someone with "normal" fingers, I'll send them to the Fandango folks.  
Hope they find good homes. See ya in Denver for the ride to Silverton.

George McCaul

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