Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Wed May 23 09:05:08 PDT 2007

You can remove it and check whether it's stuck or not, clean it and put it back in. 

Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at> wrote:  Shifting? these things have gears? j/k

I know most of you guys have chucked the auto timing chain thingy. is the a procedure to manually help it out? 
That's where I'm getting a little noise from and now
some from the right side in the gear box.
Probrably the stupid synethtic oil I use...

Rickard Olsson wrote:

> Subject 2: How do you folks use your gears under normal riding conditions?

First gear until 9-10000 RPM, then quickly shift up to sixth and 
cruuuuise. ;-)

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