Heading to Durango tomorrow

Don C French Dondiego at evansville.net
Thu May 24 19:33:50 PDT 2007

Thanks, Steve.

I'd like to see everyone again too, Jim has always been one of my 


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> Donnie my friend, I hope things are such that you can attend the Fandango. 
> I look forward to seeing you again. Push come to shove, Mason might let 
> you squeeze in with him as long as you don't drink any of his beer.
> Steve in Western NY
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> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White
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>> Sorry to hear about Jeff's accident and I hope that he will be OK.
>> What does a wayward traveler like me do? I won't know if I can attend the 
>> rally until a few days before.
>> I didn't notice a drive up motel in Silverton and can't make advanced 
>> reservations.
>> What should I expect if I just show up at the last minute? (That's what I 
>> did in 05.)
>> I'm desperate to attend, if I can.
>> Dondiego.
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>>> Looks like I'm going to leave work early tomorrow and ride
>>> the Geeper to Grand Junction and then ride highway 141 down
>>> to Silverton and Durango on Saturday.  Got to get in riding
>>> shape and I want to check out the road conditions before
>>> the Fandango (only 4 weeks away).
>>> Anyone need me to look up hotels or anything else while I'm
>>> in Silverton?  I'll talk to my friend Pete in Silverton and
>>> then to head to Durango to hopefully see another college
>>> friend, Jeff.  Jeff was involved in a head on collision
>>> about 6 weeks ago and seriously injured when the other
>>> driver crossed the center line.  The only thing that saved
>>> him was that he was in a Ford F-250 and the car that hit
>>> him was a Subaru whose driver died on impact.  Tough
>>> situation...
>>> I'll probably stay in Pagosa Springs or South Fork Saturday
>>> night and head home via 149 to Gunnison and 285 home.  If
>>> I'm feeling good I may detour north from Buena Vista and
>>> take Highway 24 from Leadville to Minturn which is a really
>>> nice ride that I rarely get to take.  I should be home for
>>> dinner Sunday evening.
>>> Charles S.

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