Valve Adjustment Chart

andy burkard andyburkard at
Tue May 29 08:59:05 PDT 2007

all of these are great, but all are missing 1 piece of
data that I think is worth capturing each time you do
your adjustment:


I've kept hand written versions of these and have
noticed over the years, as i've gotten to my 4th and
5th adjustments, i can see where valves are "settled
in".  I suppose if you're diligent about doing
adjustments exactly at 6k miles, it's not important,
but what i've found is that for me, there was very
little "out of adjustment" valves between 31k and 40k

andy b

--- Rickard Olsson <richie at> wrote:

> Jeffrey Markham wrote:
> > I'm doing a valve adjustment on my bike tomorrow
> and created a chart to keep track of all of the
> measurements.
> It seems like good ideas spontaneously appear in
> many places. Yet 
> another reason why the patent system is broken. But
> I digress:
> I liked the colors in yours, though. :-)
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