Winter Doldrums already!??!

Steven Bixby steven at
Thu Nov 1 11:47:17 PDT 2007

I'm still here, at least.   The GPZ is dormant for the most part; I ride my
ST13 daily for commuting, and I'm somewhat busy hunting down planned farkles
for my wife's new Bandit 1250.

Which is a seductive ride, let me tell you!  The torque coming off that
sweet mill is simply astounding.   The GPZ has more of a "wait.... wait....
ok, fall off the back right now!" type of acceleration, but the Bandit just
hits early and stays cranking right on to the redline.   Not that I've
thrashed it yet or anything, but it's... a drug.

I'm sorta sad to say  I have no real reason to keep the GPZ now; I mostly
kept it as a backup bike for when one of our primary bikes were torn down
for service/repairs, etc.   Even though I've been leaning towards selling
the GPZ for two years now, it's going to have to happen sooner than later.

I have a few parts I want to put on, and I want to fix a broken fairing tab,
try to straighten the upper fairing mount bracket, and do some standard
service stuff - valves, clean the carbs and sync - then it's on the block
for sale.  It's not in the best of shape; I keep finding more and more
little things that I missed when I bought it; the PO(s) could have taken
better care of it.   So I don't know what it'll sell for; I might end up
parting it out.

Anyway, that's my non-winter-doldrums story.  Still riding every day.  It's
a nice 65 degrees out, a little hazy from thin fog and I'm stuck at work as

On 11/1/07, Rob Schwartz <coldinvt at> wrote:
> WTH is everyone??  Have I inadvertently unsubbed?  Is the List okay?
> Anyone?  Anyone??
> -Rob in VT

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