Crush Washer

Steven Bixby steven at
Fri Nov 2 12:38:08 PDT 2007

You're *supposed* to, yes.

The crush washers deform to seal the plug; once deformed, re-using the
washer raises the risk of a leak.  My experience - never had a leak, reused
or replaced.   So i kinda split the difference - I re-use once or twice then
replace.  This is partly out of laziness - I don't wanna go digging through
my parts box for a new washer. :)

You can probably find washers to fit at your local auto parts store - take
one from the dealer and compare it to the various ones available. Last time
around I ordered *20* of them when I made a RonAyers order and it came out
to something like $0.20 each.  (I forget, but cheap.)

So if your dealer wants more than, say, 50 cents each, he's bustin' your
butt.  The dealer we bought the new Bandit at last week just tossed a washer
into the filter box when I bought oil filters.   But then, he charged me $16
each for Suzuki oil filters, what a crock!  Some places have them for a
piddly $7-8.

On 11/2/07, Jeffrey Markham <automan25 at> wrote:
> The guy at the service counter at the Kawi dealer said that I need to use
> a crush washer every time I reinstall the oil drain bolt(s) on the GPZ. This
> is the first time I've heard of this. What are your thoughts? If I do need
> to use them, is the dealer the only place to get crush washers?

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