Brake Fluid ??'s

Paul Landry p_landry at
Fri Nov 9 21:19:00 PST 2007

Ok..  I have not personally done a brake fluid change in a while.

Was out today to buy some new brake fluid for the GPz so that I can install
the new SS brake lines and speed bleeders when I have the bike apart for
winterizing and to accommodate the handle bar risers I got from Dave D.

Thought I had read in the past that DOT 5 Synthetic was not a good choice
for the GPz.  Something to do with seal/piston/ring/etc compatibility.

Manual and master cylinder covers say DOT 4 only.   Now the puzzle..  I
thought only DOT 5 was synthetic but I found on the shelves today DOT 3 and
4 fully Synthetic brake fluid!..  

Has anyone used this?  Is it Ok for the GPz or should I try a few other auto
shops for the non-synthetic stuff?

Getting all the parts in prep for winterization of the GPz went to the local
dealer for a new oil filter $12 and after all the discussion about the crush
washers on the oil plugs thought I would get 2 of those as well..  I was
charged, are you ready..  $2.50 for the two of them!..   I suppose someone
has to pay for that nice new building!..  ;-) 
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

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