bad season

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Sun Nov 11 14:35:41 PST 2007

It has certainly been the most miserable summer for many years. But for 
me this season has nevertheless been one of the best. I have done the 
following (major) rides:

- one of the major motorcycle events in Copenhagen
- the GPZ-treffen in Maastricht, The Netherlands
- vacation trip in France, Belgium and The Netherlands
- the GTS 1000 meeting in Wangels, Schleswig-Holstein
- one other major motorcycle event in Copenhagen
- a trip to Luxembourg, followed by
- the Alpentreffen in Trostberg, southern Germany/Austria
- and some local/domestic trips

All in all a little over 15.000 km (9.300 miles) so far, and most of 
them in sunshine and nice weather. Not bad at all! Looking forward to 
next year!

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Barblan skrev:
> Hey Alex
> Bad season: Amen on that!
> Hi expenses (1 GPZ down, a "new" one running, an other one waiting to 
> be cared for ...)
> and few kms!
> But there were a couple of nice - even beautiful - moments!!
> Have a nice wintertime!
> George, Thun CH, where the first snows already gone again.

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