info required on 2005 Concours ZG 1000

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Yeah, the biggest changes were only to color. Elvin on COG has the details. Aks him.
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My recollection is the same as Dave's.  I don't think 
Kawasaki changed the bodywork, but in any case the last 
revision was 1994 so certainly anything newer should be the 

Charles S. - Still here I think??

>There's a 2005 Concours ZG 1000 with 11,000km (7000miles) 
>for sale locally.  I haven't seen it yet but apparently 
>has some right side damage  (stated as scratches & such).  
>It is drivable and safety checked. Asking  price is 
>$4,900.00 CDN. Have they used the same plastic design for 
>this bike for the past 20 years? 
>This may be the Scotsmans way of getting a newer bike with 
>60,000 km less on it.
> Jim 

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